Finding The Best Women’s Fashion Deals Online

Online women’s fashion shopping is on the rise; many people now prefer online shopping to the traditional way of shopping. Women, especially, like to browse through different websites looking for the best fashion deals. Here are some tips to shop smarter and find the best women’s fashion deals online.

The timing of shopping

It is important to choose the right time to shop. There are many occasions throughout the year when you will get discounts, like the Black Friday, Christmas, etc. There are other times of the year as well when the price is very low. Early January and the late June can be ideal times for shopping.

Get Sale Alerts

You can set up sale alerts so that you are notified when your favorite items go on sale. You can get an email notification the moment your preferred item goes on sale, no matter what device you use.

Look out on Auction Sites such as eBay

You can get great deals on eBay. You need to mention the brand and style name and see hundreds of results come up. You can use the ‘save search’ option to receive an email when new items that match your search terms become listed. However you can often get better deals with niche-specific stores that specialize in the types of fashion you are after.

Coupon codes

There are sites that advertise their coupon codes. You can use these coupon codes to get the best deals on women’s fashion items. Some sites offer free shipping as well along with the discount.

Check on YouTube

You can find niche players in the industry by searching your brand and style on YouTube. Such as BB Dakota, Motel, MINKPINK, Someday’s Lovin, and on. Here’s one example:

Shop off season

You can shop off season and get some great deals. For example, you can shop for summer clothes during the winter season and vice versa. The shops want to get rid of their last year’s collection as their new collection will be arriving soon.

Sign up for the store’s newsletter

Many e-commerce sites are trying to attract newsletter subscribers with promotional codes. By subscribing for newsletters, you can get advance notice of the promotions and so make the best use of the promotion codes.

Look into the comparison sites

There are many comparison sites available where you can compare the prices of fashion items from different sites. This lets you choose a site that will give you the lowest price for your selected item.

Credit card deals

Many credit card companies will give you special deals for paying with the credit card in certain sites. You should learn about those deals and utilize the opportunity.

There are many websites selling women’s fashion items from across the country coast to coast. The competition is very high. So, these sites try to attract customers by providing various types of discounts. Some of these sites even offer free delivery service. You should choose some of the best women’s fashion sites and compare the prices of the items you want to buy. You should read the review to learn more about the items. After doing a thorough research, you should make your final purchase decision. New Bedford MA residents are doubly fortunate to have one of the top contemporary women’s fashion outlets nearby – Calico. With both a storefront and online shopping portal, it’s an ideal destination for girls and women aged 18-35 or so. Check them out at for more and to sign up for deals.

Importance of Building Inspection for Your Property

Building inspection services Kelowna, BC assists to plan future works such as checking plans for code compliance, supplying building permits, fence permits and sign permits in the areas. Building inspection are high accuracy tasks that are done for commercial and residential properties. Most of the cities possess official inspection sections and some private firms are authorized to do building checking. With the aid of Kelowna building inspection services, the highly trained officials can have a check on the property design, alteration, construction, repair and maintenance to make sure that safety measures are followed well. The key goal of building inspection service is to give the residents in the property and near the area with a professionally and reliable maintained building.

Other services:
Unbiased and well trained inspectors who have been allocated for this work deal different types of complaints, issues, questions and other associated concerns fast. All building contains property safety and code compliance as the key goal at the time of inspection, therefore avoiding the loss of property and life. Inspections are taken out at different levels for building technical sides like sidings, roofing, decks, additions, fences, advertising signs, swimming pools and other property repair at routine intervals. Other necessary services offered by the inspectors are off hour inspections, pre-application inspections, energy conservancy ordinance checking needed for modifying projects, time expansion for building permits and checking for fire and police permits. It is amazing to know that building inspection is presently at the head of technology.

Safety and better living:
The internet offers a network for big jobs such as getting permits, site development plans, plan reviews and building inspections, therefore helping several use and availability to databases. This has aided electrical works, contractor licensing and plumbing works to be done at a good pace without financial losses. The importance of building inspection service is to give safety and better quality of living. As a purchaser, you need building that is valuable or even above the money you spend on the property. The sum in question normally goes beyond the real sale value. In most of the case, the buyer wants to look for other expenses like transfer costs, repairs, agent commissions, taxes etc.

Valid evidence:
Most of the professional building inspectors understand simply what to see for. They can possibly identify evident indication of issues, but there are lot of probable trouble spots which may not very simple to find, particularly if you are not carefully looking for them. They understand to see for possible issues and monitor whether there is protection in place to avoid any sudden calamities. Building inspection can be done by the licensed and insured builder and pest technician. These experts will possess the experience, expertise and equipment pertinent to decide the real status of the property. A report from a Kelowna, BC is definite to hold up like valid proof must it ever be required. For one it can be availed to negotiate for a reasonable price if undisclosed problems are to be identified. At the minimum, the report can steer you in the correct direction whether to buy the property or not. Thus building inspection service Kelowna, BC is important for you to take a good decision.

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Calgary Roof Repair Options Guide – Making the Perfect Choice

Roof repair is something that every house owner has to deal with. It is one of the most common building improvement projects. While it is imperative for you to mend roof issues as soon as they arise, it is a very costly undertaking.

A 2015-16 report indicates that a 4,000 square feet area cost around $23,000 to replace. Of course, the type of material you choose to repair your roof also affects the Calgary roofing repair options cost. Knowing your option can help you plan in advance of having your repair completed.

One of the most popular types of shingles is the asphalt or composite design. They have asphalt on the bottom and top with fiberglass core. You will also find these shingle have three silts to make them appear like they are smaller than they actually are. The surface has little stone pieces embedded on it which can help to protect it from the heat of the Sun. While asphalt shingles need regular cleaning and maintenance to clean moss and debris from the slits, it does have other benefits.

The composite material has an effective wind and fire resistance. They are also the cheapest option and almost everybody knows how to install them. Generally speaking, a two storey, 2400 square feet home costs about $7500 to replace. You will not need to replace these tiles before two decades.

If you don’t mind spending more dollars on your Calgary roof repair options, you should consider metal. Typically found on commercial building and farm houses, the metal panels are becoming popular on residential buildings also. There are two basic choices: panels which measure about 17 to 20 feet and tiles which seem similar to the shingles.

If you choose tiles, you will have to clean them regularly as there are many grooves and depressions for debris to collect. The biggest problem that most people find is its cost. An average cost for 2400 square feet building is $17,000 including the removal of previous tiles. Metal tiles have their benefits. They are long lasting and often come with decades of warranty. They also resist sunshine, hail, the wind, and heavy rainfall. You can also buy them with a coating that will reduce the cost by 10 to 15%. These tiles also qualify for Federal Energy Efficiency Tax credit of up to $600.

The most traditional choice for a residential building is wood. However, this option is no longer popular due to the risk of fire. The new building construction regulations have in fact prohibit the use of wood. If you live in the dry climate, wood shakes might be an excellent option as they have a long working span, generally running 60 years between replacements. The only problem is the cost. An average cost of a two storey 2400 square feet building is $17,800 including the removal of the previous tiles.

Roof repair is important. If you do some research, you will probably find the cheapest option available. However, if you are ready to spend little more money, you can upgrade your roof into something that is of higher quality and is more durable. You can also recover about 30% the price of the new roof when you go to sell the building. So call right now to hire our friendly team to deal with your roof repair issues. We are always ready to serve you.

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Renovations That Will Improve the Value of Your Home

Improving comfort in your home is possible in case you carry out appropriate renovations. For those in Canada, East York Home Renovations is usually made possible and more professional by the presence of The HandyForce in the market. Your home will be renovated in such a way that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. There is a number of remodeling if made by homeowners will in turn result to increase of the home value.

Some improvements if made to your house can increase its value. This can be detected whenever you will need to sell your house. On the other hand, some projects can reduce the value of your house. Therefore, it is important to consider some renovations that will increase the value of your home. These projects should focus at adding value to your home as well as improving the quality of life of your family. Some of these renovations that will add value to your house include.

Kitchen renovations

The kitchen is usually considered a significant part of a home. If necessary renovations are made to this part of the house then a lot of value can be gained. However, such renovations should not go overboard. The renovations should not make the kitchen to be so different from other rooms in the house.

The size and style of the kitchen should go in accordance with the rest of the house. You should also spend a reasonable amount when upgrading your kitchen. It is important not to make your kitchen too fancy. The paint to be used should also be considerately cheap and eco-friendly.

Addition of Bathroom

In case your house has one bathroom it is important to remodel your bathroom. Whenever selecting where to set up a new bathroom it is important to check on extra rooms or even underutilized spaces in the house.

The cost of addition of the bathroom will greatly depend on the type of addition you will make as well as the accessories that will be employed in the addition.

Necessary renovations to the existing bathroom will also be of great help to improving the value of your home. The bathroom should be made in such a way that there is no leaking of water and also ensure that there is good drainage.

Reinventing a Room

It is important to utilize a space in your home in order to save money in case you will want to create a new room. It is important to finish the basement or the attic can be made to be a bedroom or small apartments can be made in the garage in order to rent out.

Energy-efficient insulation

Houses should be made with the aim of minimizing energy consumption. Such insulation is made in order to make maintenance of the house. If such remodeling is made then the value of the house is bound to improve.

Some of the renovations include installing energy-efficient windows and adding decks to the house. In case a deck is added and the backyard made to be appealing then the value will increase.

For those residing in Toronto, Ontario Canada The HandyForce is there to ensure that whatever renovations they may require meets professional standards.

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How to Find a Good Lawyer

Been in a truck accident? Then you need an attorney that specializes in your type of claim. Contact the best 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Georgia.

legal team webCar crashes are surprisingly common. Unfortunately, these accidents can also result in injuries or property loss. If that happens, you need a good law firm to represent you. In particular, it is important that you find a competent, professional attorney to work with. They can have a big impact on the outcome of the case. Therefore, do not just hire someone without putting some time into the selection process. It is worth it to thoroughly investigate who you want to work with.

Making a Short List

Are you having trouble starting the process of finding a reputable car crash attorney? Begin by asking the people you know, including your coworkers, friends and family members. If you are lucky enough to know other lawyers, ask them as well. From there, go online to continue your research. is a great place to find lawyers that can help you. Make a list of any potential candidates, and then investigate their careers and history. You want to work with someone that has a history of coming out on top in car accident cases. If they have been successful in the past, they are much more likely to be successful in your particular case.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you might need a trial lawyer. If possible, select an attorney that could function in this capacity as well. While you might not want to go to court, and you may do everything possible to stay out, it could still happen. Therefore, you need to be prepared. Also, retaining a lawyer that has done well in court is intimidating to insurance companies. They usually do not want to go to court either, so they will often give a better settlement if they think a lawyer has the skills to take the case all the way to trial.

If you have been hurt in a car accident, and you do not have enough money to hire a lawyer, they may take your case on a contingency basis. You will not owe the lawyer any money to start, and you will not be responsible for his or her hourly rate. Instead, they arrange to take a portion of your settlement. This often is beneficial to the client because they know their lawyer is going to be working hard to win; if they do not, they will not receive any money. In addition, if you do not have a lot of extra money, this is definitely the way to go.

When you need a good lawyer, contact Truck Accident Attorney Atlanta.

Gutter Maintenance

Tips from Gut R Dun Exteriors, a Kelowna Gutter Repair Company.

Gutter Cleaning webRegular maintenance may be the key to keeping your property gutter system in one piece. Making sure that your particular gutters have no bent areas can be one suggestion created by those who enable you to prepare your home available. Clean and properly maintained gutters enhance your home’s sale-ability.

Most DIY experts suggest which you clean your gutters double yearly. If your gutters are clogged with debris such as leaves and sticks the rain is not going to run off or perhaps drain properly. It’s important to make sure that the rain isn’t spilling ostentatious of your gutter and onto your foundation. Over time this can damage the home’s foundation.

It is suggested which you clean your gutters inside Fall after every one of the leaves have fallen on the surrounding trees, and inside Spring. While you’re clean-up your gutters you really need to inspect them for almost any holes or corrosion through. Make sure you’ll find no loose nails. Check to ensure the gutters are securely fastened for the house.

After you have removed all the debris on the gutter you’ll want to rinse any outstanding debris down the particular gutter and in to the downspout with your garden hose. This will furthermore help you to make sure that your downspout isn’t back logged with debris. If you find the water not running in to the downspout you can remove the downspout, clean it and then replace it.

Make sure the water running out from the downspout is being properly diverted with the aid of a plastic or perhaps concrete diverter. You don’t want the river emptying out on a lawn where it can cause erosion.

Gutter guards are getting to be very popular and get rid of the problem of having to clean ones gutters, although they will still need double yearly inspection. For a do-it-yourself sort installing gutter guards isn’t something useful, and, it you will save thousands of dollars over obtaining the gutter guards set up by professionals.

A number of people think that gutter guards are expensive and not worth your money. While gutter protects prevent large simply leaves from entering the gutter they cannot stop much smaller natural debris such as seeds, buds, small items of bark and sticks or evergreen needles. All this sort of natural matter fights over time to make debris in ones gutter. Also, debris can develop over the gutter defend screening that must be manually cleaned down. Some have discovered that gutter protects actually cause these more problems.

If you’re looking for gutters, visit Gut R Dun Exteriors for the following services:

Giving the Best Chance in an Interview

Tips from a Business Coach in Calgary. Find more about leadership training for small businesses.

Irrespective of how expert or experienced you happen to be, when you are applying for a promotion in your organisation, or a post in yet another organisation, being fully prepared to the interview is important. Your expertise, information, reputation, experience, and appearance, will assist you, but it will be highly likely that this other candidates should have similar attributes.

Here are some actions that you need to carry out for being fully prepared. Gather information around the recruiting organisation (this includes your existing employer whether it is an internal interview): before you decide to decide whether to wait the interview, it is important that you gather information about the organisation and analyse this. You may need information on their recent and outlook performance, the condition on the business sector through which it operates, and the post it’s offering. If the particular organisation and market are healthy, along with the post looks secure and possesses potential, then you can move about the next stage. If your conclusions are negative then it really is almost certain that this best decision would be to reject the possibility. You need to gather information about the healthiness of yourself, looking at how your individual and career plans are progressing, focusing on how a prospects in your existing job match with your own individual and career goals, and then how a new post could help to achieve those people objectives.

Decide to wait or not to wait the interview. It is advisable to make an objective decision as to whether taking in place this new post could be the right decision in your case, at this occasion. Armed with the info that you obtained earlier, you can assess the merits of being appointed towards new post, against residing in your current post, albeit perhaps until an even more appropriate opportunity arises, and make your choice confidently. It will be, of course, tempting to obtain a job which appears to offer a better salary, more liability, more status, and new directions, and if this is so appealing that you’re confident that you are able to adjust your development plans to check it, and pleased that decision, then yes, attend the interview and perform towards best of your current ability. However, be warned that this interviewers may well reject you given it will become obvious to them that the position these are offering is not just a natural fit with all your career to time frame, and worse, they will well ask you how this brand-new opportunity fits with all your future personal development plans, and be disappointed with all your unconvincing response.

Gather details of the job alone. You need as much information since you can gather about the type of the task, the role, obligations, reporting relationships, location on the workplace, working conditions, and conditions of employment like working hours, vacations, and corporate plans and procedures that connect with the position. A few of this information will likely be given to you from the information pack sent to you by the particular interviewing organisation, or maybe department, but typically, sadly, the quality of information sent is poor. Most professional organisations should have HR departments which will answer your questions on these concerns, or pass you about the appropriate line manager.

Research the interview format: you should do some basic but essential research for the practicalities of the particular interview. Again, several of this information will likely be sent to you. You should end up being clear about: the way to get to the organisation along with the specific interview location (don’t count on asking for this info when you appear, as this enhances the stress of the particular occasion); who is for the interview panel (their titles provides you with important clues as to their relationships towards post); what format the interview will require (there is practically nothing worse than arriving expecting a normal face-to-face interview and finding it’s a day-long compilation of tests, group activities, and interviews).

Timing regarding arrival. Make sure you arrive throughout good time, allowing the perfect time to tidy your physical aspect after your journey, and sufficient the perfect time to become calm prior to actual interview.

Your current appearance. Do not create the mistake of thinking it’s only your historical past, qualifications, skills, and knowledge which will win you the position. Most other candidates should have similar attributes, so you need to make an impact, to look specialized, smart, and right for the post. In many cases, there will have been a previous holder on the post that the interviewers could be using, albeit unconsciously, as a standard. You can’t what happens the interviewers wish, or don’t wish, in terms of physical aspect and personality, but don’t for starters believe anyone that tells you this doesn’t matter (it shouldn’t, perhaps, in certain circumstances, but you are increasingly being invited into the world, and they’ll be looking for someone who they’ll be comfortable with (even if your role requires you to be an ambitious change-agent). Yes, in some countries there is legislation that says the position should be offered to the most appropriate person, regardless regarding appearance, but in true to life this isn’t what goes on. The answer to this dilemma is to research the culture on the organisation that you’re joining, so that you’re aware of just how people, in positions exactly like the one you are increasingly being interviewed for, gown and behave, and you’ll comment on or maybe ask questions concerning this during the interview. However, don’t navigate to the interview in trousers and t-shirt, even if that’s the everyday standard. You have to look as specialized, as serious about receiving the job, as feasible. For men, that probably means a small business suit, or coat and trousers, along with or without link. For women, a profitable business suit or small business outfit. For the two sexes, smart-casual might be acceptable, if, but only when, it is that type of environment. In almost all situations, for most posts offered to professionals, experts, managers, experts, experts, a business outfit is expected at the interview, even in the event, after appointment, they can never again expect you to come to operate in anything remotely while formal.

Your tactic. In a term, think positively. That you are offering your skillsets, your experience, your efforts, effort, and powers, to this business, and you have to give the impression that choosing a valuable asset them to would be silly to reject. This particular doesn’t mean becoming aggressive, over passionate, pompous, or pretentious, but it will mean showing the interviewers that you’re a confident, assertive, pro-active, flexible, professional who would perform successfully in the event appointed.

Prepare for, and practice giving answers to, the interview questions: think about questions that you may well be asked. Brainstorm this with a colleague, friend, or maybe partner, and train answering. Practice using the particular interview questions to strengthen your argument that you’re the best person to the job. For case in point, you will be probably be asked about your experience and qualifications, even though this is shown in your current CV. Your response need to be phrased in such a way that you bond your experience, information, and qualifications, towards role and responsibilities on the new post, showing how these kind of existing attributes provides you with the confidence and skills to successfully handle the duties that lie ahead of time. With luck you will not be asked questions like – What ya think are the main benefits that you may bring to this specific job, if employed? However, it still happens, so you must there will be them. Again, practice responding in a way which links your current experience and existing skills towards demands of the brand new role. If you happen to be asked – What do you say are your current biggest strengths and worst weaknesses? then talk mostly about your strengths, giving examples of how these have been effectively used, and grow very, very careful dealing with your alleged disadvantages. Choose a reasonably harmless weakness that may be interpreted as a strength, such to be over-zealous about quality criteria being achieved, or insisting on deadlines being met which often can upset some downline. Don’t, under almost any circumstances, negatively criticise your existing or past organisations, or colleagues. Even if the organisation which you work for is known to have faults or maybe bad practices, don’t criticise that or any staff within it. It is almost always a fatal mistake. You may almost always end up being asked some questions around the interviewing organisation. Yet again, use these as an opportunity to show you get researched the business, but also to explore what the particular organisation is preparing (at least in the area you are working in), and-or what these are expecting of you. For example, you could mention new markets that this organisation has recently entered and have if that will affect the post that you’re being interviewed for. If you are asked about hobbies and interests, don’t give an index of twenty, keep it basic and don’t try and impress with esoteric hobbies which you don’t actually get. Imagine saying which you enjoy watching French films and then being asked a question concerning this, in French, by one of several interviewers who is fluent from the language!

Questions inquired by you. Most interviews will close while using the interviewee being asked when they have any questions to ask. A better solution should always end up being – Yes. Have two questions prepared, and either ask these or ask one of these and one that has arisen because something raised from the interview. Make sure your questions are ones that reinforce your suitability to the post. You can, for example, ask questions about individual development opportunities, describing, briefly, what you feel will be a potentially useful development activity (of benefit to you and to the organisation) when you were to end up being offered the post (this need to be an area that you have considered whilst researching the organisation along with the job itself).

Standard behaviour: remember, you are being assessed always, possibly from whenever you enter the constructing and approach the particular receptionist, certainly from the moment you walk into your interview room towards moment you abandon. You must end up being as natural and relaxed, physically and mentally, as feasible, but also specialized, polite, and respectful. Never argue, until you have been given a direct instruction to offer your opposing views. Be alert, show a pastime in each interviewer because ask questions, and answer straight away to that person, but occasionally glance at the others during your current answer. In giving answers to questions, don’t end up being evasive, be confident, and use your answers to demonstrate how you would come up with a good match to the position on present.

Final word. Since the interview ends, thank the interviewers for their time and questions. Say that choosing very pleased if appointed towards job and that you anticipate hearing from these people. Even if you have doubts at the time, this is a courteous and wise way to end the interview. You may afterwards decide that you would like the job and in case you have appeared negative because interview ended you’ll have reduced your probabilities considerably.

In summary, the key to getting good results at an interview is to treat it as being a project which should be planned and executed in as professional a way as possible. Changing jobs, moving into a new position, modifying organisations, changing the direction of this career, perhaps getting into a different small business sector, leaving behind friends and co-workers, meeting, working along with, managing, new co-workers, is a major change in your lifetime. The interview is the best doorway into a whole new world, into another stage of your individual development. It is usually a major event, an important opportunity, and should be treated as a single.

Marketing with Video

On the net video publishing has indeed taken the online world by storm in recent years, by using Calgary video marketing, promotion, news and PR online. A real key strategic component as well as a key business differentiator with regard to internet marketers who wish to communicate effectively concerning their product profile and benefits inside shortest possible of your time.

Internet is filled with information and the common attention span of your web user these days is measured inside seconds. When web users seek out their information at the search engines, they will get a huge number of search results; once they visit your web site, they may only spend a short time and little efforts to scan through whatever you are selling as well as proposing and decide whether your articles, style, look and approach really are a good fit for what these folks were actually looking with regard to. These first couple of seconds are crucial and if you possibly could delivery clear along with targeted message by offering a quick, highly visual approach to get their additional attention and participate their interest, you have done bingo.

Does this mean you need to the bottomline is up 10-min video tutorial in your website or just slamming some video contents up on your web web pages, you will quickly sell more products? If this will be your way of marketing with video on the web and hoping to get high conversion charge of traffic-to-sales, you may more toward obtaining disappointments than very good news.

In order to produce your video to effectively market your products/services online along with convey your product/service important traits and characteristics in a very short period in a unique, memorable way. These are a few recommendations to follow:

1. Buy your Video Seen

If you’d like your video to become your effective marketing tool, it must be capable of see by as numerous web users as it can be. Hence, don’t just retain and tight your video as part of your web site region. Let your online video content be free and distributed towards the majors video sharing websites such as YouTube and Google video making sure that not only others can view and talk about this, but they can potentially download it, redistribute it, if not perhaps publish it directly on their own sites.

2. Tiny File & Load Fast

Statistics show that average internet users spend their time looking forward to a page to load is approximately 7 seconds. Websites that take lengthier than 7 just a few seconds to load, their visitors normally are within the verge of simply clicking away and visit other website. Therefore, you need to make sure your video file is small enough, ideally less as compared to 1 megabyte along with load almost instantly to keep the eye your visitors. MP4 is the most frequent video format, the file size can easily really exist 10 megabytes for the short 2-3 min’s video; hence when you share your video in this particular format, you probably will get “click away” via you visitors because of long loading time of the video file. Therefore, you must get yourself a video format the conversion process tool to convert your video to a more internet friendly format such as SWF format.

3. Make them aware It’s A Movie, A Short Movie

If the web users are not aware of that it is really a video, they won’t simply click it and play it; hence your video can get watch. So, you need to let the internet users know that the “box” is really a video; the best way is to make it resemble a video / VCR-like a different option . play and stop button the location where the web users can certainly click to play the video and prevent it whenever they want to stop it.

Let the internet users know also this can be a short video. No person wants to sit via a 30 minute presentation within the history of your company; be focused in your products/services and produce your messages better within 2 min’s.

In Summary

Effectively market with video on the web is not just slamming some video content up on your web web pages, it more when it comes to effective video communication through video posting & sharing on the web. Learn more about YouTube video marketing.

Dogs of Celebrities and Their Trainers

Occasionally, we hear about the dogs of celebrities but we rarely hear about the dog trainers that work with them. We’ve recently discovered and would like to give a shout out to one dog trainer in New York that has worked with a few high profile pups.

Elizabeth Weiss of DogRelations has worked with dogs from owners like Jann Wenner, Editor and Publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine, singer Lou Reed, singer, artist, actress Laurie Anderson and Linda Rodin of Olio Russo.

We’ve found some very cute videos of this professional New York dog trainer teaching one dog to play the keyboard. What a brilliant way to keep those puppy minds going.

So for all you celebrity dog lovers out there, I hope you enjoy this video and have a wonderful day!

Rey Mysterio

BQ:Katy Perry Or Lady GAGA no lady gaga and katy perry have nothing to do with wrestling thats why its a BQ BONUS QUESTION, if it were a wrestling relating bq I would say WQ BIMBO. And so today I found out that… Rey Mysterio. Rey has the respect from everyone. He is the “ultimate underdog” In an era. and really a business where most high flyers, and smaller wrestlers don’t get pushed. Rey Mysterio became world champion. Sure he has slowed down in his career due to injuries and aging, but Rey can still put on a show. Evan Bourne is a huge talent, and while I don’t think that WWE is using him right. Rey has had the better career. Yes I know that Bourne recently splashed onto the scene, so he hasn’t had as many chances to “decorate his resume” But I think when it’s all said and done, Rey Mysterio will have made a bigger impact. Mysterio wrestled Lucha Libre, something that no-one in WWE is doing. Bourne’s got any un-heard of talent though. And it’s a shame that WWE is using him like trash. BQ: Lady Gaga. Even though I can’t stand either, Katy Perry does this weird thing when she sings. And she acts like she has a accent or something. IDK how to explain it, but it bothers me.