Andrea Bocelli

Was he born blind? I had a look at any of his websites, but none say anything. Well, I have your answer right here. Hey Venice Girl, Yes Andrea is blind and was born with an eye condition. He could see as a child but not very well and it got worse as he grew older. . Then a soccer ball hit his eye and that did it. I'll give you his bio. . It will tell everything. And must have you haven't seen my Andrea Bocelli site of which I built this site in 1999 and it is still going. . I haven't updated it in 4 years .. I was a die hard Bocelli fan for 6 years. . . Now I have moved on. Still love his music and will listen to him from time to time. This is my site. . . . . . . I use to illustrate him and his family a lot. This is his biography—tells all on him except for the last couple of years. This has an article on his mother and she explains his condition.