Arthur Kennedy

Arthur Kennedy, a minister in Rwanda. Basically… If you're talking JFK's sister, no. Rose Marie "Rosemary" Kennedy was the daughter of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. And Rose Elizabeth Kennedy (nee Fitzgerald). If you're talking his mother, well nee means family name at birth or maiden name for a woman (for a man, who has for whatever reason changed their surname, it's ne). So she wasn't the daughter of a Kennedy but of John F. "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald and Mary Josephine Fitzgerald (nee Hannon). The only Arthur Kennedys I can come up with weren't ministers in Rwanda. One was an American actor who died in 1990 and had two children, Laurie and Terence. The other was a British colonial governor in Sierra Leone, Western Australia, Vancouver Island, the Western African Settlements, Hong Kong, and Queensland. He did have three children, a pair of daughters and a son. One was named Elizabeth, no clue on the other's name.