B. F. Skinner

Now Suppose a psychological theorist (for example, B. F. Skinner of Harvard University) were to write the in general, there are no such things as "mind", that people do nothing more than "behave"( that is,move theirs bodies and make sounds according to certain stimulation's form environment). Essentially — you can verify this for yourself. Can you REMEMBER yourself? Can you actually generate the sense of yourself existing, right now? Can you be aware of your awareness? How long can you maintain that sense before you are distracted? Before you fall asleep again? One minute? Two minutes? You don't HAVE to prove it to Mr. Walden Two. You know it for yourself. If you can remember yourself, then everything else is just "there". A machine CANNOT remember itself. There are two creatures in the world that have the capacity to be self aware. Human beings have the possibility but unless they work for it, unless they actively pursue this state of awareness, they will be asleep. Cats can remember themselves. CATS possess automatically what we must struggle for.