Barry Sanders

Don't just look at stats in the reg. Barry was a notorious choker and Jerome is known for his leadership skills and for being a role model citizen. IMO Barry is a quitter. He had a chance to be a winner when his team went to the NFC Conference Championship but he choked. . Like ALWAYS. In all honesty Jerome is the guy you want if winning is your thing. Barry is what you want if you're a fantasy nuthugger. Answer my question everyone but I would also especially like the input from Steeler fans because they will be less bias at least in this regard because they actually watched him play and succeed and Barry Sanders was a loser. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. Barry Sanders had 2 Pro Bowl linemen and 2 great receivers (Herman Moore is Hall of Fame worthy). His defense was never awful either. They were always middle of the pack. Barry Sanders very much was a choker. In all of his playoff games, he never even rushed for 50 yards. To top it all off, Barry was the original Brett Favre. He wanted to screw over the Lions. Keep in mind, he said that after the last game of the 1998 season he knew that it was the last game he'd play. When did he inform the Lions about his decision to retire? Never. He wrote a letter to an Oklahoma City newspaper the day before training camp. By doing this, he basically made sure that the Lions wouldn't be able to draft his replacement nor pick anyone up via free agency. I'd take Bettis any day.