Bat Masterson

Why did people like Wyatt Earp feel the need to regulate and stop people from carrying guns in Dodge & Tombstone? Why did Bat Masterson do the same in Denver? Why did Seth Bullock do it in Deadwood & Lewis and Clark County, Montana? Why did Virgil Earp do it in Yavapai County, Arizona? One can argue that there were less deaths & less shootings then there are today, but that ignores the fact that there were also less people, the people were spread out over a greater distance & the places were there was a significant population had enough gun violence to cause people to regulate carrying weapons in towns. Essentially — Wyatt Earp and his brothers used the badge to take over a town and gather massive wealth. They even shot many unarmed men in cold blood. That is why his brothers got a taste of their own medicine. Earp felt the need to stop people from carrying guns so he could take over the town mafia style. I just felt like repeating myself so you it would sink in to your bonehead.