Bill Cosby

I am doing a History Day report on Bill Cosby, and to learn more about how people love him for what he does. If possible, please add any additional information about Bill Cosby's life and legacy. Thank you to anyone who helps. I think I found an answer. His first big role in I Spy was a character that could have been just as easily played by a white man, I mean to say it was not a servant or other role that was often played by blacks so he was probably the first regular guy black character on TV and he was very good and likable in the role (he was the first black to win an emmy I think) which then led to his own series, one of the first for an african american. After he had established himself in the entertainment he went back earned a graduate degree in education and produced the animated Fat Albert cartoon series that portrayed poor black kids in way that could be viewed as educational entertainment by both black and white kids. His Cosby series in the 80's showed more upscale successful blacks again groundbreaking although I personally felt the series became unfunny and self-indulgent after the first couple of seasons. Finally he has recently become critical of hip hop culture and the role models that black youth now follow. Overall Bill Cosby has always been a positive influence on the image of black society, presenting an intelligent, likable humorous image without a trace of of the Uncle Tom subservience that prior generations of black talent was forced to display in order to get into the mainstream

Bill Cosby.