Carl Alfalfa Switzer

The first one was a paperback fiction book about a young girl 12 to early teens who has lived in a lot of foster homes, and is sent to one in the country. Run by an older woman. There is an older boy there and a younger boy that goes to see his mom and comes back mad slamming the car door. Possibly other kids. The girl is trying to decide through the whole book if she is going to stay in the foster home. I remember the book ending with the girl in the barn hay loft with the kids saying she will stay. The other book was a hardback. It was a celebrity death,mystery,gossip type book. He had the police cases of George Reeves death saying that his girl friend took pot shots at him and bedroom was full of bullet holes. And there was the one on Carl Alfalfa Switzer. Called what happened to Alfie? The story was there was a witness to his death . The author had read the police files. Another story in the book was author had written a story in high school and it was going around online as being written by Matt Groaning of the Simpson's. Does anyone know these books please help. I was happy to learn… Your first book sounds like Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff "Artistically talented Hollis Woods, age 12, has made a habit of running away from foster homes, but she s found a place on Long Island where she wants to stay for a while. She immediately bonds with Josie, her new guardian, who is a slightly eccentric, retired art teacher. Yet Hollis is far from content. She worries about Josie s increasing forgetfulness, and she sorely misses her last foster family, the Regans, whom she left under tense circumstances that are only gradually made clear. Giff intersperses tender scenes demonstrating Hollis s growing affection for Josie with memories of the Regans, whose images Hollis preserves in her sketchbook. Pictures of motherly Izzy Regan, her architect husband and their mischievous yet compassionate son, Steven, sensitively express the young artist s conception of a perfect family"