Carroll Spinney

I was watching sesame st w/my son. Big bird and oscar (carroll spinney) right next to each other, one speaking after another. I know carroll I the only one who will do those characters, so how is this. Also the snuflpogus and slimey(worm) is done by the same guy and they were right there too. The thing is this is puppeteering not fancy stuff so obviously computer work is really going to happen. So how do they do this? Thank you. Well, I have your answer. Green screens most likely, but it may also be superimposing images using computers. There's also the possibility that they get "doubles". This is done a lot in films with actors, even when they're not doing stuntwork. When a character is "talking to themselves" they are often shot from behind so that a double can be filmed without giving away the fact that it's just another actor. Obviously, being in costume means you'll never know who's inside. . Actually, the second link below suggests as much. . (Puppetry may not *seem* like it's fancy, but it can be quite complicated. Good puppetry looks easy and simple, but it usually isn't from the point of view of the builder or performer. It's like magic in that sense: You just see the "trick" but you don't get to see the hidden mechanisms, trapdoors, etc of how it's done)