Claudia Schiffer

Ive heard that model Claudia Schiffer eats only fruit for breakfast. Id like to try that to get a kick start on my new years resolution to lose weight ( so cliche, I know.), but its sounds like it won't be that filling and also a bit dull after a while. What are other fruit based breakfasts besides fruit salad, fruit smoothies or slushies and straight up fruit. From what I can tell… This type of all fruit breakfast may not be all it seems to be. I know that Marilu Henner wrote a diet/fitness book that also had the same thing in it, only fruit for breakfast, but they also ate again in about 2 hours with a meal including any protein and carbs, such as lowfat cheese with whole wheat bread. So I think that the "fruit only" part applies only to the first thing you eat when you "break your fast" after you wake from sleeping all night. I think the secret to lose weight is to eat 6 small meals of about 200-300 calories each, depending on your needs, and start off with fruit to kick off your metabolism in the morning. If you do not like eating fruit, I suggest eating fruited yogurt (lowfat with no sugar added) with any All-Bran cereal mixed in it (one serving) and a few fresh berries (Half a cup) for breakfast. Steer clear of juices that are usually high in added sugar. I tried an eating plan with the yogurt prepared as above for breakfast, a lunch with sliced deli turkey (3 ounces) wrapped in low carb wheat tortilla with lettuce and mustard, with a cup of low cal soup(Progresso brand has 60 calories per serving), a small apple or pear or tangerine, and a 100 calorie pack of those snack crackers they sell. I had planned meals at dinner where I cooked all night, which got tiresome, but it worked. I originally went on the diet to help my husband lose weight since he had just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He lost 55 pounds in 4 months. I would check out the diet plans at American Heart Association Website, these are very good and have been used for many years with success. Good Luck

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