David Carradine

I'm still in shock over David Carradine's passing. His portrayal of Kwai Chang Caine was my first exposure to martial arts as a kid and was an early inspiration for me to get involved. I'm sad that I never got a chance to meet him although he and my Sensei were good friends. Was anyone else influenced or inspired by him when it came to their Martial Arts studies. After looking around, I learned — Of course. Grasshopper was my alter ego in my imaginary world. I wanted a blind Shaolin master to teach me. I trained like I was going to grab that pebble and lift the cauldron with my forearms one day. Kwai Chang Caine is/was one of the universal references in every dojo in the US. If you have never called someone Grasshopper or been called Grasshopper you haven't studied martial arts. (I loved him in Kill Bill too. )