Don Imus

It has been my observation that people who respond to questions on yahoo answer are just as racist or pretend to be. And are just as as much sexist and make comments with out any thought or factual basis what so ever, and are just as much irresponsible to people who they may offend with their comment. So where doe's censorship begin and end should answers be shut down for two weeks for being a haven for people who just want to use shock jock tactics just to prevoke a response? P. S I dont agree with I'mus but I believe crucifiy in public should be presrved for childmolesters and the like. Today I found out that… None. Don I'mus is able to hide behind a microphone and insult people, and people on message boards and Yahoo Answers can hide behind their computers and insult people. Anonymity gives people the guts to say things they wouldn't dream of saying to strangers in person. However, we are not employed by Yahoo Answers, but if we were we would be disciplined too, if not fired outright.

Don I'mus is fired for calling Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos" and "Jigaboos"… Can we get Al Sharpton fired too?