Dudley Moore

This is the piece in question. Can anyone find or give me the score or midi for this piece? Please help out. First person to find it gets the 10 points . Well, I have your answer right here. You will not find this score as it was a very clever improvisation by the inimitable Dudley Moore. Alas, when the great Dudley Moore died, this music died with him. It is a piece of music which is a parody of Beethoven's style. Many Beethoven pieces are alluded to without actually being quoted. The main theme is not Beethoven, however, but the famous 'Colonel Bogey' march by FJ Ricketts, popularised by Malcolm Arnold in his film score 'Bridge On The River Kwai". Moore was a seriously good pianist who could probably have made it as a soloist, had he not joined forced with Peter Cook and the other 'Footlights' comedy team in the 1960s for 'Beyond the Fringe'. As well as a talented 'classical' pianist, Dudley Moore was also a very accomplished jazz pianist.

Pete & Dud discussing women over a pint of beer.