Edgar Allen Poe

What is the definition of a short story according to Edgar Allen Poe? I will give ten points . Basically… Edgar Allen Poe's Theory of the Short Story: Edgar Allen Poe's theory of the short story revolves around the idea that the work must, above all else, possess a "unity of effect or impression. " The story must therefore tend toward a central and all important effect which serves as a unifying quality for the story as a whole. The author's tone, and choice of events must thus be carefully selected and crafted in such a way as to bring about this desired effect. This "effect," he asserts, must be both "novel"and "vivid. " Another way of looking at this theory suggests that the author must compose the story with the conclusion, or denouement, constantly in mind. That is, each choice made in the construction of the narrative must contribute to the dominant and pre conceived effect so as to lend the story a sense of consequence. Poe argues that the incidents which compromise the story must be invented and fashioned with one impression in mind. It is this ultimate design that is the essential quality of the short story. Also you should be able to read it in an hour or two

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