Am I the only one who has trouble with this? When I read "Eminem is the best because what he raps about is real, not like just guns and money. " or something along those lines, I am never sure if they are serious or not. At first I assumed it was a serious comment, but the amount that it comes up is unreal. Do you think most of the people saying it are serious or if a large number of them are just parodying the typical Eminem fan. From what I can tell… F*ck you. Eminem is the best raper who ever lived. Hes better than too-pac, The Notorious Smallz, And that other rap group. . The Kung-fu clan. Eminem doesnt call women b*tches like these other rappers do. And he doesnt talk about how much money he has, nor the amount of drugs he has done like Lil wang. Uhh. . You must be an idiot to nt think Em is the best