Eugene Oneill

Wedding ceremony on the grounds for free? (I'm not talking about the mansion obviously)I've heard romurs of free ceremonies on the grounds but not sure. I named to ask but sally (the lady who deals with harkness weddings) is out of the office for a week. I am having my ceremony next door at the eugene oneill theater but I still want to have my ceremony at harkness. Do you know what I found? I am confused. Did you mean to say, "I am having my RECEPTION next door at the Eugene Oneill Theater. " Or, you could say, "instead have my ceremony at harkness" instead of "but I still want. " Where did you hear that the grounds were free? Why don't you consider checking with your source. Is it possible that you misheard? Maybe, you can use the grounds for no additional cost IF you rent the mansion. It seems confusing why you would want to ask the rental sales person what the requirements are there to have a free wedding at a state park when they're probably overwhelmed with offering packages and rentals. You should not wait until she gets back from vacation, keep probing your sources for details.

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