Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt has over the past decade been regularly identified as the leading person in american politics and government in the twentieth century. Why or why not do you regard this choice as persuasive. Basically… When FDR took office in 1932 the U. S. Was mired in the worst depression in history. By 1938 the economy was expanding and the unemployment rate had decreased to 15% from a high of over 25%. By 1940 the economy was still expanding and unemployment was down to 11%. In 1941 the U. S entered into WW II via the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Empire on 12/7/41. Shortly afterward the U. S was on a war time economy with full employment. Roosevelt died before the end of WW II. An entire generation of people owe him a great deal. He guided this country through the Great Depression, from the brink of defeat in a world war into heading toward a victory and a great post-war economic boom.