Gene Kelly

Who is the greatest dancer out of the three and why. Basically… Gene Kelly. . Without any doubt whatsoever. Have you seen the last 20 minutes of ‘An American in Paris’? Just amazing. It was made 50 years ago and still looks like it was made yesterday. It’s just mind blowing. You’ll also view a lot of Michael Jackson in it (Gene Kelly was wearing the white socks and slip ons long before Michael Jackson did). Gene Kelly was a very big influence on Michael Jackson (watch An American in Paris and you’ll find yourself saying over and over again. . ‘Michael Jackson does that’.). . that’s not to say that Michael Jackson isn’t extremely good. Fred Astaire was great. . But not in the same league as those two. There was nothing ‘sexy’ about Fred…… Gene Kelly is the ‘original’ and set the bench mark for others to follow.