George Roy Hill

Mine are: 1. George cukor for my fair lady – stan Kubrick in dr strangelove should have won.

2. Will freidkin for the French connection – stan Kubrick for a clockwork orange should have won.

3. Bob fosse for caberet – Francis ford Coppola for the godfather should have won.

4. George Roy hill for the sting – will freidkin for the exorcist should have won.

5. Robert Benton for Kramer vs Kramer – Francis ford Coppola for apocalyspe now.

6. Robert Redford for ordinary people – Martin scorcese for raging bull should have won.

7. Warren Beatty for reds – Steve speilberg fir raiders if the lost ark should have won.

8. Oliver stone for born on the 4th of July – Peter weir for my left foot should have won.

9. Kevin Costner for dances with wolves – Marty scorcese for goodfellas should have won.

10. Roman Polanski for the pianist – Marty scorcese for gangs of New York should have won. What I found out was – Anything by Scorcese is a drag.

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