Grace Kelly

. What I found out was – Grace Kelly's classic 50's diva style is always in vogue; her dress so effortlessly chic and ladylike. To achieve the finesse of Grace Kelly, one of the biggest icons, here are any must-haves for that graceful look, including how to tie the Grace Kelly head scarf so as not to do a Bridget Jones and lose it as soon as the car gets going. . . Our scarves are quite large and therefore with our pashminas (and most others) this style works best folded in half longways. Take the middle of the scarf with the folded edge facing forwards you and – holding the front sides tight (to avoid Bridget Jones' mistake) – pull the two sides underneath your chin. With minimal "scrunching" of your pashmina, cross the sides over one another and bring the ends round to the nape of your neck to fold them into a neat knot, while catching the loose part in the nape of your neck with the knot. For a Grace Kelly with a twist, try tying the knot at the side of the throat. For extra hold, secure with a few hairpins in complementary or contrasting colors – if you use a white pashmina like Mrs. Kelly, then this gives you a wide choice. The Headscarf, worn well into the 70's is an excellent way of protecting your fabulous hairdo on the way to a party, covering your locks from the sun that can make hair brittle and dull, to cover up a not-so-good hair day (beats a baseball cap mostly all time.) or often because it looks so elegantly feminine.

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