Henry John Heinz

I have to do an assignment on Heinz Ketchup, and one of the questions asks "How did he (Henry John Heinz) come up with the idea of ketchup?" does anyone know, or know any links that could tell me? I can't find it anywhere. D:. Well, I have your answer right here. Henry J. Heinz started making ketchup in 1876. Ketchup has become an American food staple since. Of course, Heinz was not the inventor of ketchup. He just popularized it in the United States. Heinz 57 is a shortened, popular form of the "57 Varieties" slogan of Pittsburgh's H. J. Heinz Company. In its early days, the company wanted to advertise the great number of choices of canned and bottled foods it offered for sale. Although the company had more than 60 products in 1892, the number 57 was chosen because the numbers "5" and "7" held special significance to Heinz. The number "5" was Henry John Heinz's lucky number and the number "7" was his wife's lucky number. [1] The company now has more than 6,000 products. Prepared horseradish was their first product. In response to the question "What does the '57' stand for in Heinzs famous slogan, '57 Varieties?'" the Heinz company's official Web site states: "While riding a train in New York City in 1896, Henry Heinz saw a sign advertising 21 styles of shoes, which he thought was clever. Although Heinz was manufacturing more than 60 products at the time, Henry thought 57 was a lucky number. So, he began using the slogan '57 Varieties' in all his advertising. Today the company has more than 5,700 products around the globe, but still uses the magic number of '57.

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