Hetty Green

Are they afraid they'll lose their comfort, heart, afraid to be giving or generous or what? I mean the real stingy like Hetty Greens or people who live like animals and are cheap in every way possible. Thank you Land, but I meant like Hetty Green who was so billionairess in her time that she refused to have her son's leg amputated because of gangrene, and ate at Salvation Army because she didn't want to spend money at all. I mean SEVERE TYPE. Basically… Most of the ultra rich, even the "trust fund" millionaires who may not have had a hand in building their wealth, are wealthy by means of the very reasons you express. They horde. It's only the upper middle class who spend like idiots and have "appearances to keep up". It's the pretentiously rich who feed the net worth of the genuinely wealthy. You don't generally see the world's richest people. You meet many every day and don't even know they're millionaires. They tend to live a well guarded life and avoid attention. They do this for security most of the time, because wealth only invites bad company of people who want to find ways of getting what you have. Also, rags to riches wealth tends to make people unsympathetic to the poor, because they worked themselves to the bone, with no help from anyone, built their wealth from nothing, and found that those within thier former income bracket only held them back. That's been my experience as a poor person living in poor neighborhoods. I can't talk about my hobbies or my ambitions to others of similar income, because if they know I'm working toward something, they'll knock me back down out of jealousy, or they'll find a way to try and exploit any potential success I have for themselves. I find that they hate working (and thinking), and are always looking for something for nothing. I figure that once you've generated some significant wealth, you've become so cynical toward your fellow man that your sense of empathy is skewed.