Howard Rollins

He basically took a good team and turned it into a unsustainable system that crashed to the ground, and that trend still continues. I knew this would happen, because even though most the players he's signed or traded for in the past and present are big names, they were either in or past their prhyme at the time. And some these players were given big long term contracts. Not all of these players have long contracts, but some examples of this are Howard, Halladay, Rollins, Utley, Byrd, Papelbon. These players are making big bucks but are old and not as affective. And to build this ineffective team, Amaro depleted the whole farm system almost so there's no future for the phillies. Even though they have a big market, there's only so much you can really do when the current players have no trade value and there's no farm system. And even though rebuilding is a sign of throwing in the towel, it's what the phillies should be working on. They're just going to stink again this year. But instead of focusing on rebuilding last year and this year while some players still have value, Amaro trades nobody and resigns Utley and signs Marlon Byrd, a 36 year old. I was so pleased to find this — I am not a Phillies' fan, and I agree that Amaro is a tool. CBP is becoming "my old Kentucky home. "

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