Jackson Browne

Ok so lately me and my friend were talking about music. I was telling him about how im getting addicted to Wiz Khalifa's music now. Then he started talking about how he thinks that hip hop is screwing with america and that everyone is getting addicted to stupid catchy songs and that we should all listen to real artists like Jackson Browne. Then I said that I still like rock and that rock is still alive with new rock bands like paramore and blink 182. Then I said that no one likes hippie artists like Jackson Browne anymore. So then now we made a bet. The bet is that more people like Blink 182 than Jackson Browne. Whichever side has more people wins the bet. So everyone who comes across this question should vote for Blink 182 so I get 5 dollars well looks like blink wins. Yay I win 5 dollors. I kind of agree with the beetles guy at the bottom though but I don't really like Jackson Browne oh wait looks like their tied now. I was happy to learn… Jackson Browne. I'm sorry, it's just that your friend is right in my opinion. Except for that I live in Canada. . But hip hop isn't a good genre of music to influence young kids. Sex, drugs, stealing? That's what almost all hip hoppers are talking about nowadays. Blink-182 and Paramore are alright, it's just that all of the "good" music that was ever made, was made in the 50's-90's. Since the 2000's, it's gotten worse. Like, Friday by Rebecca Black? Well. . That speaks for itself. Music is one of the only things in life where we shouldn't judge other people's opinions on it. Everyone has different tastes in music – some people like me, like to listen to Classic Rock. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jackson Browne, Supertramp, Sheryl Crow, all them and more. I could name so many older bands it's ridiculous, and I'm only16. But I do agree with your friend. Jackson Browne has produced better music than Blink-182, but that's just my opinon.