James Randi

If James Randi is searching for the truth, how come he doesn't look up Sylvia Brownes' office in the yellow pages, set up an appointment with her, haul in his psychic testing equipment and shut his yap. Mr. Randi sounds like he has a lot to prove, and that he is very eager. I think he's full of a lot of useless wind with nothing to back it up. Step up to the plate Mr. Randi and knock on HER door with your Tarot Card Tester. Do you know what I found? James Randi is as fraud as many fraud psychics out there. Legitimate psychics aren't taking his challenge, because they know it's one big fake meant only to prove them fake – even if they're not faking anything. The tests designed by Randi are meant to break all single person that tries to prove anything. Randi is a liar, and a cheater, even his million dollar doesn't exists. If you want to learn details about psychics and researchers that were cheated by Randi, read the articles I have linked as a source. James Randi is just another celebrity whoever wants to make a lot of money through being an. . A bad person.