Jane Seymore

Jane seymore was a catholic so home henry was aloud to marry her, and how come she did not change her religion during her marriange. Also why was she not charge with treason. What I found out was – Henry was King and could do what he liked. He only broke with the Catholic Church in order to marry Anne Boleyn; he set himself up as the Supreme Head of the Church of England, but remained Catholic in his beliefs. He continued to dislike heresy; his last wife, Katherine Parr, had a couple of hairy moments when he suspected her of Protestantism. There was no need for Jane to change her religion. She was a good, obedient wife to Henry and only "talked back" to him once when he sharply reprimanded her. She never committed treason, as she was only married to him for a short time before she gave him the legitimate son he so wanted and needed. Then she died shortly after childbirth, and remained in his memory as his True Wife. He's even buried by her in St George's Chapel in Windsor. Adultery, in a Queen, was treason and punishable by death. It threw the succession into doubt: Any son born might not be the King's and therefore the next King might be the son of the Queen's lover. Anne Boleyn was charged with treason, as Henry had the offence cooked up against her so that he could get rid of her. Catherine Howard did actually have an affair, so she also was charged with treason and beheaded for it.