Jerzy Kosinski

There are many theories about how the universe was formed adn what makes it function. We have The Big Bang Theory, Creationism, Intelligent Design and others. The author of this book has rejected all of those plans, and shows us, through the development of the main character, that the events we experience are totaly random. In short, we have no control and there is no plan. Explain the title; explain and comment on society’s view of the events in the book. What was the author trying to prove? Agree or disagree in light of what you have experienced in your somewhat short life. Give specific examples. I was so happy to find this — Chance didn’t need to do anything, other people organized everything for him. Chance had just to be there. This would explain why the author chose this name as the title. Anyways, Honey Bunch how’s your essay coming along. It should be done by July7. Don’t ask people to do your homework. P. S. This is your English teacher for next year. I know who you are and you are in big trouble. (

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