Joan Rivers

How do you feel about Joan (formerly Joan Molinsky). Well, I have your answer. Joan has always had a very blunt humor to all her work. I wouldn't say I love her, but I do think she may be funny. She was on the Celebrity Apprentice last year and I believe she won. She does a lot of positive things with her money (ignoring the money spent on her face). She has had $500,000 worth in plastic surgery in her face. That's enough to buy a New York City condo. Lot's of people don't think she's funny, and even more people judge her on her looks. But the thing I like is that she knows what she looks like so it's hard for other comedians to make fun of her when she is so comfortable with herself and the way she looks. She is a fashion icon and she is in a lot of media all the time (Fashion Police, Red Carpets, Joan Knows Best). I'd say, "Stop haaaaaatin on the old lady, she's only set to die soon" (: