John Huston

He directed so many landmark movies. Which is your favorite and why. From what I can tell… It has to be his first–The Maltese Falcon. Huston closely follows Hammetts novel, cutting, I think only one scene. Bogart, Greenstreet, and Lorre are captivating. Their characters unravel with every viewing–you discover new things about them each time you watch the movie. Bogarts violence is barely veiled and morally uncertain. Although I am not a big fan of Astor, she is excellent as the femme fatale–whose motives are never fully clear. Huston uses the dialogue, set, action, and angles to all reinforce the themes of the film; nothing is certain. The entire novel and movie is about storytelling: Who can tell the best story the quickest? The characters spend the entire movie trying to recreate themselves and define one another. And Hustons handling of his fathers cameo is a great piece of Hollywood trivia.

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