Jon Benet Ramsey

It STILL baffles me. How an innocent tiny girl was murdered. And NO one , to this day, has even come CLOSE to finding out who it was. I’m not going to state what I think. I want to view what you all think. . And while we’re at it. . Who do you think killed Nicole Brown. Well, I’ve your answer. Jon Benet Ramsey: I heard something in the news once a while ago about a man who had broken into the home of another young pageant girl and tried to take her but was thwarted by the girls mother. It was close to the Ramsey’s home and the man was said to have hung around any place where Jon Benet had done dance or something like that. I think it’s reasonable to suspect that man (who they haven’t been able to id completely or find) as the one who may have murdered her. Nicole Brown: I think that was definately OJ Simpson.