Judy Dench

For instance, are the positions of 007 and M allowed to be taken by other people? E. G. Is Judy Dench supposed to be the same 'M' who was in Dr. No or a different M? Each movie (except the recent ones) seemed to be a story in itself but if 007 has always been 'James Bond' then how can an actor in his forties be playing an agent who should be (in a continuous story) nearly 90 (Sean Connery was a grown man in the 1960s bond). I know I'm overanalysing but I just wondered how the overall plot took this into account? I. E. 007 is 'ageless'. From what I can tell… First of all, Bully is 100% wrong. James Bond is a person, not a code name. Just as in the novels which started before the fillms. There is no overarching plot in the Bond movies. Each is a separate story, independent of the others. It's not like the Star Wars movies. The lone exceptions are "Quantum of Solace" which picks up after the events of "Casino Royale" and "Never Say Never Again" which is a remake of "Thunderball". (that it is a remake is a story YOU can look up). The three latest films are a re-boot of sorts. They portray Bond early in his career with his first "M" – even though Dench played "M" in earlier films with Pierce Brosnan who wasn't playing Bond early in his career. "M" and "Q" ARE code names for the positions so Judy Dench is NOT the same character who was in "Dr. No". Bond simply has been played by different actors. It's the same as Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Tarzan, etc, etc, etc.