Julian Mcmahon

Can people tell me everything you know about him its for home work to find as much as you can about him and I cannot use wiki so pls dont tell me to look on that. From what I can tell… Julian Dana William McMahon, second of three children (sisters Melinda and Deborah) of Sir William McMahon (Australian prhyme minister 1971-1972, deceased 1988) and his wife Lady Sonia, was born on July 27 1968 and grew up mostly in Sydney, New South Wales/ Australia. His handsome look (62 tall, blue-eyed, brown hair) was very useful to his career in modeling after hed decided to leave law-school as he was bored with studying. He traveled round the world, modeling and when he returned to Australia to make a Levis Jeans commercials he got a role-offer for an australian soap-opera The power, the passion followed by an offer to play Ben Lucini in Aussie-soap Home and Away. There he also met Dannii Minogue (sister of Kylie Minogue) and they got married on January 2, 1994. While Dannii went to London to push her career, Julian moved from Los Angeles to New York were he lived after finishing Exchange lifeguards ( aka Wet & Wild Summer) to take part in the Daily-Soap Another world. The couple divorced in 1995. Julian moved to Los Angeles again He had a leading part in the TV-movie Magenta in 1996 and was casted as John Grant for NBCs Profiler. He appeared as guest-actor in an episode of sitcom Will&Grace (Where theres a Will, theres no way) and played gentle Sheriff Hayes in thriller In quiet night (aka You belong to me forever) in 1998. He married actress Brooke Burns (Baywatch) on December 22, 1999 and became proud dad by the birth of daughter Madison Elisabeth on June 9, 2000. That year he was offered the role as Cole Turner in Charmed. Brooke and he separated in early 2001 but they still bring up little Madison together. Meanwhile, he appeared in Chasing sleep with Jeff Daniels as well as in Another Day with Ex-Charmed-Co-star Shannen Doherty in 2001. He played cute demon Cole Turner /Balthasar whos in love with one of the charming siblings, Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano). His role was first planned only to appear on season three but the fans were so impressed by his peformance that they screamed for more and got it: He stayed on the show for season four, as well as season five till his character is vanquished in episode 12 (Centennial Charmed, what was also the hundredth episode) – this time he left for good. What followed was one hell of a shocking drama-tv show – Nip/Tuck (won Golden Globe Award in 2005, several more nominations, Julian received Movielines Breakthrough of the year 03), which is settled in the plastic surgery-business. Julian plays the handsome and selfcentered surgeon Christian Troy, providing his own practice in Florida , together with a friend. With Julian giving Dr. Troy his very own charm (and look as well )this charakter was as much loved as hated by the audience during the last two successful seasons. Season 3 is announced for late 2005. In 2005 Julian had his debut as the legendary Dr. Victor Von Doom, megalomaniac but yet brilliant villain opposite Mr. Fantastic and his friends (Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Jessica Alba, Tim Evans) in the comic adaption The Fantastic Four. Further he was in the Independend movie Prisoner opposite Elias Koteas and the mystery thriller Premonition aside Sandra Bullock. There he plays Jim Hanson, husband of Sandras character Linda, who dies in a terrible accident just to appear alive the nex morning, drinking his coffee in the kitchen. His latest movie is the sequel of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silversurfer where Dr. Doom returns to use the Silversurfers powers to fight his enemies – the Fantastic Four. In October 2007 the 5th season of Nip/Tuck returns to the tv screens – with big changes. The two plastic surgeons are no longer in Miami but fight their way through high society of Los Angeles – in amazing 22 new episodes.