Kirsten Storms

Has it been said when she'll be back? I'm missing the real Maxie. Thanks all . I was so glad to find this — Kirsten last taped her scenes in August and was expected to miss 1-2 months of taping, a few weeks later it was bumped up to 3 months which would have her taping in January 2012 (the show stops taping for two weeks in mid December) and she would first air in Feburary. Jen Lilly's temproary contract expires at the end of December, her last tape date would have been this past Friday and her scenes would air into January. However, Jen confirmed that IF Kirsten was not up to task then her contract would be extended into March 2012, and her last scene would play out in April 2012. Kirsten tweeted last week "Happy Holidays hope everyone is having a good one, cross your fingers you'll see lots of me in the New Year ". It seems she is feeling better, but she has not confirmed exactly when shes coming back.