Lee Harvey Oswald

I need to know for school work, does anyone know why Lee Harvey Oswald was attracted to communism? Was it because his family was poor and he wanted everyone equal like the communists? Or any other reasons. I was so glad to find this — Oswald was chosen to take the fall for the assassination of JFK, when the real masterminds behind the act were from within. . Someone had to take the fall for the conspiracy to unfold without recourse to those that were truly responsible, hence why he was killed by Jack Ruby, who himself was sick with Cancer and had 6 months to live. . When you are part of the Mafia, you do what you are told, and he was told to do what he did, since he was going to die anyway, and the truth died with Oswald, because he was on his way to give a deposition when he was gunned down in the garage by Jack Ruby. . Why was he interested in Communism? Probably exactly what you said, after all, Obama supporters today, actually believe in communism, because they want what is now called Social Justice, instead of communism, so the people will buy it a lot easier than saying communism. . But that's what the Obama administrations platform is. . And it will fail.