Lucy Lawless

. Do you know what I found? Lucy is 5′ 9.

5. Several articles refer to her as being 5’10 or 5’11 (and even 6 ft) but they are incorrect. Lucy recently stated that she finally measured herself and found that she was 5’9. 5 Zap2It has an interview with Lucy where she confirms this “I’m sure there are people who wouldn’t want to see me because they are convinced I am 7 feet tall,” she says. “I’m only 5-foot-9 — I used to say 5-10, but I actually checked it, did the math, the other day. But then, I think the average man is, what, 5-feet-8, so I guess I am still a little taller. ” ,1002,271|94614|1|,00. Html

Follow Lucy Lawless a day on the set of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. This segment is one of many great bonus features included on the Spartacus: Gods of the. . .