Master P

I've been searching the Internet and I can't find much about Master P and his children. I'm looking for their names, ages, mother's name. . If there's more than one; that sort of thing. Any ideas about where to look. I was so pleased to find this — Master P has 9 kids. Seven by his wife and two by a Filipino woman. The kids by his wife names are Romeo, Vercy, Tytylana, Intylyana, Hercy, and Mercy Miller. The 2 by a Filipino woman are Veno and Cymphonique Miller. The 2 that most people are focusing on now are Veno and Cymphonique because people are now finding out about them. Veno is 18 and Cymphonique is 12 going-on13. They are mixed Black and Filipino. They both Sing, Dance, and Act. All of his kids are very cute. . Handsome and pretty. (well idk about Vercy but the rest are.) Cymphonique is on youtube just search it on there.