Matthew Perry

Okay, so I've been watching reruns of Friends and catching up on episodes, and I just got to season 7, and Matthew Perry looks really really different; he kind of sounds different too. I can't really pinpoint what it is though. Does anyone know what this was about? I'm watching season 7 episode 1 if that helps. Well, I have your answer. He's the youngest of all his Friends, but Matthew Perry seems to have aged the least gracefully. The 42-year-old actor appeared in Washington D. C. Today to lobby for drug court funding. The years seem to have taken a toll on the former Friends star, however, as he looked exhausted, grey and overweight as he spoke during the National Association of Drug Court Professionals and the House Addiction, Treatment and Recovery center There is more here . . . . . . . . ;-))

Matthew is an LA Kings super-fan and hosted a party for them and their Stanley Cup at his INCREDIBLE house. More CONAN @