Michael Michele

Baby boy: Caleb Michael Gavin Michael Baby girl: Aria Michele Gabriella Michele We definitely want Michael and Michele as the middle name, but suggestions are open for first names (: We like strong/unique names but not way out there. I was going to call her Ellie too. (if we have a girl and name her Gabriella) @Eira: You're correct. Michael is after my husband's older brother whom passed away a few years ago and Michele is after his mother. (:. I was so glad to find this — These names are really nice. I'm not the biggest fan of Michael and Michele, but I'm thinking they might be honoring someone in your case? If so, I don't mind them. Caleb Michael's my favorite. I adore Caleb, it's one of my most treasured names. It's gentle and soft while still maintaining a very sturdy feel. Nice choice, and it flows well with Michael as the middle name. I don't care too much for Gavin, but it sounds alright with Michael. Aria has a very pretty sound to it. I slightly prefer Gabriella, though. It's lovely, elegant, and has lots of adorable nickname options. Ellie is darling. Gabriella Michele is a great name. Some suggestions. . Cameron Michael Evan Michael Trevor Michael Levi Michael Declan Michael Wyatt Michael Sophia Michele Violet Michele Caroline Michele Clara Michele Stella Michele