Nancy Grace

Do you think the Nancy Grace has made it impossible for this woman to get a fair trial? I’m not saying she should go free, but what happened to “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”. I know Nancy thinks highly of herself, but she is hardly a court of law. I think I found an answer. Nancy Grace didn’t make it impossible for Casey Anthony. Casey Anthony made it impossible for herself. Nancy Grace was a lawyer for a long time and has gained the respect of viewers for reporting on the story’s that hit close to home, like the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. Nancy Grace is presenting the facts, and shes giving her opinion on Casey Anthony. Working in the media, Nancy has the RIGHT to do that. Its freedom of speech. If Nancy had been apart of the prosecution, or apart of the Grand Jury, I would see where you’re coming from but since she’s reporting the story and happens to be a former attorney it cannot be fairly said that Nancy made it hard for her. In addition to that, I don’t believe Casey would be able to get a fair trial anywhere. Missing children is something that hits too close to home for people all over the country, and it would be extremely difficult to get a fair trial anywhere in the United States.