Oscar The Grouch

I'm looking for a replica Oscar the Grouch puppet or a template, list of materials and directions on how to make one. I'm not looking for the mini puppets. Also any templates or directions on how to make other Muppets would be great too. I was happy to learn… No one legally sells this puppet. The only chance you have at buying a puppet from Sesame St is to get an official puppet replica (they used to be sold by Master Replicas, but have recently changed to a new supplier of which the name escapes me). However, they only sell popular characters, like Kermit or Miss Piggy. . They may sell Oscar in the future. There's info here about buying muppets and/or making them: Alternatively, FAO Schwartz sell Muppet 'Whatnots', which is kind of like Build-a-bear. Again you won't find Oscar on sale, but it is at least an actual muppet. A small advisory: Replica puppets are only sold by those with legal copyright permissions. Legit puppet makers can and do refuse to make replicas; dodgy puppet makers can and DO get sued for making them. (See link above). Please support artists by buying only official merchandise. You can try checking out Muppet Central, which has a large body of info about muppet merchandise.