Paul Tibbets

Remember Paul Tibbets (the Enola Gay pilot) died at 92 a couple weeks ago. Some named him a war criminal. I really feel that these people are ignorant and foolish. They were born generations after the war and they think they can judge past war decisions from their life in a peaceful, prospersous society made possible only through the sacrifices and heroics of Paul Tibbets and his comrades. Basically… Man of Man, when you make statements like that I want to nominate you for President of Canada AND the good ol USA. I wish you had continued your statement with "and all those brave men who died on those Pacific islands and Normandy and Battle of the Bulge etc. Those are the men and women who give those who wish to protest this, that, and the other the right to do so". I nominate Bill W for President of North America. [except mexico]

Airsidetv's Arturo Weiss interviews Gen Paul Tibbets at NBAA 2004.