Phyllis George

Of the following women, who is your favorite and why? I am writing a paper on them for Journalism class. I’d like to cover the Top 10, leaving out the bottom/unfamiliar ones. Each name is followed by the year they started in the biz. Doris Burke, 1990/Providence College Michelle Bonner, 1994 WCHS News, Charleston-WV Bonnie Bernstein, First ever female sportsanchor @KRNB Erin Andrews, 2000 or 2001 WTBS, Atlanta Braves Gayle Gardner, 1983 @WJZTV in Baltimore Andrea Kreamer, 1989@ESPN sports Mary Carlio, 1980@USA Network TV Suzy Colbert, 1991 December @WDEC TV Jane Kennedy, 1978 (replaced Phyllis George) Andrea Joyce, 1987 weekend sports anchor Phyllis George, 1975 CBS, Former beauty queen Nanci Donnellan, 1981 Cara Capuano, 1998 @Corpus Christi Cassie Campbell, 2006 Hockey Night in Canada Jenne Zelasko, 1993 @KBCI Tracy Wolfson, year unknown@WZBN in Trenton, NJ Suzyn Waldman, 2005 Yankees sportscaster Michelle Tafoya, 1994 KFAN radio Hannah Storm, 1984, Houston Rockets game Gayle Sierens, 1977, first NFL Play-by-Play Lisa Salters, 1995 start @ ABC News Robin Roberts, 1979 start @Southeastern Louisiana Universit (SLU) Now that’s a hella lotta women in sports, breaking the glass season. I’d have to say that only country music remains as the final frontier. WHY is she your favorite female sportscaster. Please add details to cover the reason. I’m using this in a research paper, it would help tremendously. Well, I have your answer. Phyllis George, 1975 CBS, Former beauty queen

The Muppet Show, Season 4, Episode 12, 1979. Guest starring Phyllis George.