Ralph Lauren

For a polo do you prefer Lacoste or Ralph Lauren? Any others. I think I found an answer. Ralph Lauren all the way. I like the classic manly style. It seems as if he is the only designer out there that makes clothes for men. I like to look well dressed but I still want to be a man. I also like the fact that the style actually holds up to the test of time. They also hold up period. I have Polos that I still wear that I had in high school. The style is still good and the only thing that has changed is there has been fading, which gives them character. I have had young guys ask me ear I got the particular color I was wearing, I told them they needed a time machine. I also like the cologne; I wear green, blue and black. I have also purchased Ralph Lauren furniture. I do not know what it is about that company but they seem to have it together, quality and style. I also have some LaCoste, just not as much.

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