Reggie Jackson

Do you think, decades from now, Matsui's 6-RBIs in the Series clincher will be considered by sportscasters in the same caliber of legendary performances as Jackson's 3-HR game. Today I found out that… Reggie's performance will always be considered more legendary than Matsui's 6 RBI's. 1) Reggie was more of a showman, 2) Reggie is a HOF and Matsui probably won't be. 3) Chicks dig the long ball so home runs are always going to be better than RBI's and 4) A 6 RBI performance is probably easier to do in a World Series game than 3 home runs (both have been done twice). And Flag of our Fathers. Why the hate on Reggie? Munson led the Yankees to the 1976 AL Title where they were swept by the Reds but it wasn't until Reggie arrived in 1977 when they won back to back world titles. Munson did not do ALL the work to get them there. It was a combined effort from Munson, Chris Chambliss, Graig Nettles, Reggie, Mickey Rivers, and Lou Pinella not to mention their pitchers Ron Guidy, Ed Figueroa, Mike Torrez, Sparky Lyle and Rich Gossage