Rey Mysterio

BQ:Katy Perry Or Lady GAGA no lady gaga and katy perry have nothing to do with wrestling thats why its a BQ BONUS QUESTION, if it were a wrestling relating bq I would say WQ BIMBO. And so today I found out that… Rey Mysterio. Rey has the respect from everyone. He is the “ultimate underdog” In an era. and really a business where most high flyers, and smaller wrestlers don’t get pushed. Rey Mysterio became world champion. Sure he has slowed down in his career due to injuries and aging, but Rey can still put on a show. Evan Bourne is a huge talent, and while I don’t think that WWE is using him right. Rey has had the better career. Yes I know that Bourne recently splashed onto the scene, so he hasn’t had as many chances to “decorate his resume” But I think when it’s all said and done, Rey Mysterio will have made a bigger impact. Mysterio wrestled Lucha Libre, something that no-one in WWE is doing. Bourne’s got any un-heard of talent though. And it’s a shame that WWE is using him like trash. BQ: Lady Gaga. Even though I can’t stand either, Katy Perry does this weird thing when she sings. And she acts like she has a accent or something. IDK how to explain it, but it bothers me.