Richard Branson the founder of one of the most recognized companies in the world, what has the company done to advertise their products and how extreme have they gone, could I also have some examples or if there was a video of the advert then that'll be brilliant. I was so pleased to find this — Richard Branson is known as the "Rebel Billionaire. " Reason for this is he's continuasly doing stunts such as trying to fly a hot air balloon around the world. He does this in part for fun but also as PR for his company. There's an interview with their cheif of marketing of his airlines. She talks in depth about how they stand out while at the same time bringing in premium margins. A small example being they started selling pink head phones when all the other airlines only offered black headphones. They look at what everyone else is doing, and do w/e they arn't. Richard Branson also took on the giant Brittish Airways and sued them and won. If he hadn't he said they would've eventually gone bankrupt. Just youtube, googlevid, or wiki the Virgin Corp or Richard Branson. You'll learn a lot. Hope this helps Hope this helps.