Robert Mugabe

I have not found a good website telling me Mugabe's biography and why he is a bad dictator. Any HELP… And someone just give me a quick summary why he is a bad dictator. After looking around, I learned — Robert Mugabe, born in 1924, first prhyme minister (1980-1987) and president (1987- ) of Zimbabwe. Mugabe played a crucial role in the black populations quest for majority rule, which was achieved in 1980. Robert Gabriel Mugabe was born at the Jesuit mission of Kutama in northwest Mashonaland, in the north of the British colony of Southern Rhodesia. He was educated at mission schools and attended the University at Fort Hare in South Africa from 1950 to 1951 before becoming a teacher. In the late 1950s Mugabe taught in Ghana, where he became interested in Marxism and African nationalism. After returning to Southern Rhodesia in 1960, he became publicity secretary for the National Democratic Party (NDP). Led by Joshua Nkomo, the NDP was a nationalist political party that opposed white rule in the colony. After the NDP was banned in 1961, Mugabe became secretary general of Nkomos new party, the Zimbabwe African Peoples Union (ZAPU), which was also soon banned due to its opposition to white rule. Mugabe broke with Nkomo and ZAPU in 1963 and helped form the more radical Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) with Ndabaningi Sithole. He soon became the secretary general of the banned ZANU. In 1964 he was arrested for his political activities and detained by the Rhodesian authorities for ten years. Mugabe studied law during his time in prison, receiving degrees from the University of South Africa and the University of London by correspondence. While imprisoned Mugabe remained an extremely popular nationalist figure, and many ZANU members came to support him as leader of the party instead of Sithole.