Sid Vicious

There was this huge professional wrestler from Tennessee I think, with curly blond hair. He went by the above name and a few others. What happened to him? I haven't seen him lately. Do you know what I found? Sid Vicious' real name is Sid Eudy, and also wrestled as Lord Humongous, The Vicious Warrior, Sid Justice, Sycho Sid, Sid. The leg break, caught on video, was deemed too graphic by many TV stations. Eudy broke his left leg in half, snapping both the tibia and fibula in his leg with at least one of the bones breaking through the skin. After the injury, Sid pondered retiring from wrestling for good. "I had about a year left on my contract, and I was thinking back then prior to hurting my leg what was I going to do as far as wrapping up my career. The only thing I really wanted to do was ideally go out in a big pay per view, like a Wrestlemania or something like that main event, leave like that, and not come back again. It would really be the retirement match. " The injury forced a plot change in the 2001 SuperBrawl Revenge event, causing the Nitro lineup to change. The main event was supposed to be Nash, Dallas Page and Sid against Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and Road Warrior Animal but was rewritten to Kevin Nash vs. Scott Steiner. Sid later sued WCW claiming that he was made to jump off the top rope against his objections. Sid made a return on March 2 2007, for the new Southern Extreme Wrestling promotion.

From 3/2/91, it's a main event anywhere in the world, folks.