Steve Guttenburg

A few years ago work on "Police Academy 8: Their Final Assignment" began but then got canceled for some reason. It was to be a finale and a reunion of many of the casts over the 7 movies. Now Steve is returning to one of his other oldies "Short Circuit 3" where he will rejoin Johnny 5: Johnny 5 is trying to join the US work force as he is now a US citizen (see Short Circuit 2). However his mechanical heritage brings him much discimination in his job hunt. While in the San Fransisco area, he learns of Battlebots, and decides this could be the answer. Or,,,, a rumor I heard bouncing around the movie news, of a reunion of Ted Danson, Steve, and Tom Seleck for Three men and a baby 3. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. Steve has never been a strong (leading man) actor. He has been in some decent movies but I do not believe the "bounce-back" will happen with WALL-E. He was good in BYE BYE LOVE – if you haven't seen it. I did like the 3 Men double and a third one would be great if the little girl is all grown up and getting married — 3 "protective 'Dads' giving the guy a hard time" – that would help his career.

A message from Steve Guttenburg about his starring role in Cinderella – the 2008 Panto at The Churchill, Bromley