Tay Zonday

How do people get money from youtube? Like Tay Zonday he's famous but is he rich too or is he just famous. I was happy to learn… You must become a Youtube partner this will give you pay and other cool features like a banner and auto play on your channel but to be a partner you have to have a lot of subscribers most only get accepted if they have at least 2000 subscribers and you videos must all get a good amount of views and have a good amount also you can't have any copyright materials or they will say no and they make you post a video mostly all month but now I hear its mostly all week but if you fit all this send them a message I think its youtube. Com/partner if I remember I have 1200 subscribers and no copyright material I also have at least 800 views on all my videos and I have 56 videos I now put one on at least mostly all 3 days and they all get lots of comments and views and they still turned me down saying I don't have enough subscribers to be a partner but they would watch my account so as you can see its hard.